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Kenny MacCarthy

Kenny has been a full time real estate agent on the historic North Shore of Massachusetts since 1994. Clients feel that Kenny’s 2 decades of owning, managing, developing and marketing his own properties make him a valuable resource for attaining their own real estate goals.

As a trained negotiator and problem anticipator, he’s able to guide his clients with expert, first hand knowledge that translates into prescient advice. Many say the detailed consultations with him prior to making their decisions were the keys to their success.

Kenny’s experience allows him to completely represent the needs of his clients. Whether they are buying or selling (sometimes at the same time) he always acts in a fiduciary capacity, providing sound, confidential and discreet advice that yields predictable results.

Today’s technology has changed the way real estate agents do business. The internet has made the world smaller and more interconnected, giving buyers and sellers all the information they want, when they want it. Kenny has led his field with speed, agility and a broad reach by developing real estate specific applications and training other practitioners to use them. His personal site has been online since 1998.

An avid hiker, Kenny is often found on the trails of Ravenswood, the White Mountains, Mt. Rainier, the Grand Canyon, Coyote Gulch Utah or Sagamartha Park, Nepal. Sometimes Kit the mutt goes with him.

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