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Bob McDermott

Bob’s 28 lightning-paced years at an institutional equity trading desk in Boston, facilitating professional investments via multi-million dollar transactions, had rewarded him with a dynamic and influential career. During those demanding years, Bob made the goal of his hard work a comfortable home by the sea, so that he and his bride, Sue, could look at the ocean every day. After a short time, that goal was realized in a lovely seaside residence, yet he still hustled 12 hours a day, never able to take the time to enjoy the beauty of the coastline just a block away. Bob left his trading desk in 2008, to take the time to look. Bob & Sue fell deeper in love with Cape Ann every year as they were able to take each day to truly appreciate what seaside living should be and become active members of their community. Over the years, they purchased and sold several beautiful homes, finding some of those transactions challenging. While they were delighted with their new homes in the end, they left each experience of purchasing “underwhelmed and under-served” from a client perspective. With those past home purchases in mind, they made the commitment to real estate as a profession, in the effort to assist future clients in their pursuit of their own dream homes. Capitalizing on strengths in the financial arena, Bob is able to offer guidance with these large investments that are so impactful to people’s lives, and when establishing value for each potential purchase, it is second nature to Bob to engage his analytical side in determining the right move for each family.

Bob is a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University, with majors in Economics & Finance. He has returned to the University as a trustee and is proud to say that his alma mater is the fastest growing school in the country. An outdoorsman at heart, Bob enjoys all of the splendor of New England while fishing, golfing, skiing and gardening at home. The McDermotts are proud of their two grown children, and reside in the seaside village of Magnolia.

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