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How to visit the kids, throw a dinner party, take a class. Safely.

Posted by nshoremove_7lzq7x on March 30, 2020
0 has become a life-line tool that’s going to help us get through the next few weeks of social distancing. You may have already used it for work. If you haven’t or don’t know what it is, read on …

What is Zoom? Think “conference call” but with a camera. The camera is key:

  • My wife taught a yoga class on Zoom Saturday.
  • Last night we had dinner with friends on Zoom.
  • My niece may have her wedding shower on Zoom.

You can use to participate in almost any event, with others, no matter where they are. And you don’t have to be in the same room with them.

  • It’s cheap: there’s a decent “free” account or it’s about $15 a month for PRO
  • It’s easy. If you have a smart phone (iPhone, etc) or a laptop or a tablet, any device with a camera, it’ll work.
  • And it’s about as social as we can get during our “new normal”.

Once you’ve signed up, take a look at this link. It’s our favorite quick tutorial with Farrah explaining the controls:

We hope this helps.

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