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MWatch: Don’t make this huge financial mistake.

Posted by nshoremove_7lzq7x on August 27, 2017

Most people think that a home inspection is an event. It’s not. It’s a process. It begins when you first look at the property. Are the neighbors out while you’re looking at the property? Your agent should be over, speaking with the neighbors. Find out what they like about the neighborhood, what they don’t like about the neighborhood. If your best friend was moving into the neighborhood, what would you want him or her to know?
Once you’ve got the property under contract, your agent should be going to City Hall, speaking to the building inspector, speaking to the health inspector, speaking to the conservation commission. These are all things that we do for our buyer clients. We want to dig up every single thing we possibly can about the property. There’s so much public information out there, it’s a shame not to find it all out.
Before, or as you’re looking for houses, you should also be interviewing home inspectors, because you don’t want to be under the gun once you’ve got your property under agreement. Try to find an inspector, so talk to two or three, ask your buyer agent to recommend a couple that they’ve had good experiences with, and speak to them. Speak to the inspector, make sure that you click because you don’t want to be choosing an inspector just because of his or her availability during the ten day period. That’s the worst way to pick an inspector.

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